Flucking hell!


Have you checked out Fluc? I had a note from founder Tim Davis at the weekend. I’ve been taking a look in-depth and working out a piece in my head to post. However I haven’t managed to do that yet and I wanted to get the word out.

Here’s the background:

The Fluc Team is a small group of people that want to change the world of mobile phones. We believe if we know your interests and location, we can deliver free content to your mobile which is highly relevant. Better yet, this content will be about things you like, and we will pay you – and every friend you refer – cash for receiving it. The more relevant the information you provide us when you Sign Up, the more we can tailor and deliver content to your mobile phone which you will want to receive.

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  1. Tony Charlton November 28, 2007 at 2:00 pm #

    Hey this is ‘flucing’ interesting – you have to love the name.

    I just check out their site from the USA and works fine on Mobiles here. Seems they have a unique model with Websites that I’ve not seen before that could be a winner and is “patent-pending” according to the site – although that term is thrown around too much these days.

    To be honest Ewan, the first thing I thought is:

    “Why would I join Blyk when I could join this ?”



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