Have you checked out video microblogging service, Hictu?


Two people have mentioned Hictu to me in hushed tones recently. One reckoned they were being chased, CHASED by venture capitalists. I’ve yet to sit down and try the service. Have you used it? Check it out!

Link: Hictu

Hictu is the first service for video microbloggers, who can create for free their own microblog with small posts (containing text, audio and video), personalize their public profiles, manage a presence-enabled friend list, meet new friends.

If you like blogging but at the same time you can’t spend too much time setting up traditional blog posts, if you like video blogging but you want an easier way to create a video, if you like to meet new friends, share your ideas, promote auto-generated content, Hictu is for you!

2 Responses to Have you checked out video microblogging service, Hictu?

  1. Terence Eden November 15, 2007 at 9:15 am #

    All well and good, but I have this wonderfull new 3G phone*. Why can’t I video call the service? Or MMS? Or even ShoZu? Waiting until I’m at my desk and then composing my thoughts doesn’t have quite the same immediacy as ranting into my phone’s camera.

    *N95 8GB. Yum!


  1. Good news from Hictu at Roam4free - November 14, 2007

    […] and blogger Luca latest venture Hictu is on the up and up. Lots and lots of rumours floating around on potential investments and a little mouse tells me that even larger news is due […]

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