“Apple’s iPhones will Fail in India”

Link:  NussbaumOnDesign: Apple’s iPhone Will Fail In India. And Maybe Britain too. – BusinessWeek

Well I’m not too sure I agree with this viewpoint.  The iPhone isn’t like your common-or-garden pay-as-you-go Samsung, hardwired with a particular interface.  The iPhone can be updated in a jiffy — and what’s more, the infrastructure is in place thanks to cradles and iTunes to easily do this.

The Indian designers [Nussbaum met] said the iPhone didn’t do group texting and didn’t forward texts. But Indians, with their extended families and social networks, need to do both all the time.

This is a glaring, glaring omission on the iPhone.  Very annoying.  But I’m sure the iPhone’s designers have got the message loud and clear and we’ll see the functions added magically with an upgrade soon.

(Although that might not be much use to those who have unlocked their iPhones and can’t easily upgrade…)


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