Avaya ready to integrate Apple iPhone into corporate IP networks

I’m sure Avaya aren’t the only ones thinking about this. Enabling the iPhone for use within companies’ own IP telecommunications networks s very employee-friendly. No doubt enterprise IT managers may well have issues about enabling such a fancy, snazzy device (unless they each get one).

Link: webitpr | European employees can add Apple iPhone to their holiday wish-lists with a clear business purpose

In time for the start of the festive season, Avaya will find a place on holiday wish-lists by transforming the Apple iPhone into a fully-fledged business tool. Avaya’s one-Xâ„¢ Mobile client software, expected to be available in Europe in the first quarter of 2008, will enable the iPhone to be integrated into most enterprise IP telecommunications networks. This will allow employees to add Apple’s iconic device to their Christmas present wish-lists without fear of the IT department dismissing it as ‘incompatible’ with the business’ IT systems and networks.

I suspect the first quarter 2008 timing for availability is to allow for the iPhone SDK to be officially launched and for the one-X client software to be QA’d for the iPhone.

It’ll be pretty neat having your corporate line diverted to your iPhone… I’m also looking forward to seeing Skype, Jajah and a whole raft of similar VOIP services operational on the iPhone early next year too.

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Avaya one-X on the iPhone is pretty slick. But it’s really just the start of making this a business class device. When mobile carriers bring SIP into their networks, interactions won’t be voice only– video, web, and chat will be part of the mix. To find out where B2B and B2C communications is heading, check out and our Contact Center Insights site at
–Andy Green, for the Avaya Blog

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