Full YouTube On The Nokia N95 8GB

The Nokia N95 8GB received a firmware update this morning, from v11 to v15, which is no small leap. The flagship handset already features Demand Paging, which optimizes RAM usage to speed up the booting process, and also keeps the menus snappy. Today’s update added even more speed enhancements, but also added Flash Lite 3 to the mix.

With the addition of Flash Lite 3 in the firmware, the N95 8GB is now one of the first mobile handsets that can view full YouTube videos natively. This means you don’t need an application, and you’re not limited to what YouTube has made available on the mobile site. With the freshly updated Nokia N95 8GB, you can point the browser to the full on YouTube website and view any video on the site. A simple click will also automatically rotate the video to show in full screen landscape glory.

This is a rather big milestone in bringing the web to handsets, but a step away from the ‘mobile web’ as Whatley envisions. This also means that most any flash site can be accessed and fully enjoyed on the Nokia N95 8GB. With the massive amount of RAM on the device, this presents an interesting option for mobile browsing, and an interesting future for mobile-oriented sites as well. I wonder if the recently announced 3 variant has this firmware already?

Here’s a video of the new feature in action.

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