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I’m hunting for an application of the week panel. Each week I take a look at an application — the first application was ShoZu and this week, we’ve just done Radar. However I’d like to make it more of a collaborative experience rather than a one-way broadcast.

So while I’ll do the introduction and overview of the application (or service), I’d like to include the opinions and experiences from some readers too. It would also be really good to ‘group-test’ an application (particularly those that are based around interaction with friends and family).

I’m hunting for some superstar mobile users. Here’s the criteria:

* You work in and around the mobile industry (OR you’re a proven mobile fanatic)
* You’re up for giving new applications and services a test — and with a balanced, open mind — erring on the side of positive
* You’ve got a decent handset(s) to test them upon
* You’ve got sufficient spare cash to try them out — perhaps sending a few texts, pictures or the like — we can’t reimburse mobile operator charges
* You’d like to have a say — and you’re capable of generating and expressing an opinion
* You’re prepared to knock us over a few lines by email about the application in question each week
* You’re “public” — that is, you’re happy for us to put your name/website in the application of the week article next to your quotes (if we can use them)
* You’re OK with us listing your name/website on our application of the week panel page

Sometimes we’ll be looking at well established applications (I’d like to, for example, do a look at Google Talk for Blackberry), other times we’ll look at entirely new ones. (We’d also welcome suggestions from the panel and the audience in general). I’m using the term ‘application’ in a broad sense, so often I think we’ll be looking at services as well as straight forward download-to-phone applications.

The week before we publish, Krystal’s going to send out an email to the panel with the application/service we’re reviewing; then you’d be required to try it out and send her a few lines by email prior to Monday’s publishing date. If you’re mega busy that week and can’t review or reply, don’t worry. If you find it’s too much of an arse, just tell us and we won’t include you in future mail-outs.

We, alas, can’t pay for participation, but we’d thoroughly appreciate your time.

Are you interested? Drop us a quick email with the subject ‘application of the week’ and tell us a few lines about you and we’ll get you on the test list.

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

1 reply on “Wanted – Application of the Week panel”

Hi Ewan,

I’d be happy to help out with this – sounds fun.

From as device point, personally I have an iPhone, Nokia E65 and Blackberry Curve. I can usually get hold of others temporarily (e.g. this week I have an E90) through work.



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