Yahoo! and T-Mobile UK Add Ads To Web’n’Walk

Today Yahoo! announced that it will be the exclusive provider of graphical ads for T-Mobile UK’s Web’n’Walk internet service. Web’N’Walk was introduced in 2005 as the first mobile internet experience with access to the entire web. Along the way it has also come to offer pre-paid users the freedom of unlimited mobile internet access. I had the pleasure of using it when I was in London late last year and it worked great, offering me unlimited HSDPA access on my Nokia N95 for 1GBP/day (T-Mobile now offers a 5-day pass for pay-as-you-go for 2.50GBP).

The Yahoo! partnership will enable UK advertisers the ability to directly target these users with contextual graphic ads, and should roll out in the first half of 2008. This is a big win for Yahoo! and its advertising departments against Google, who will not have access to these highly mobile customers.

Hopefully, eventually this will work to reduce the price of Web’n’Walk to consumers, though there was no mention of such plans in the press release.


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