I just bought a zzzPhone!


Following on from Ricky’s post about the launch of custom phone manufacturer, zzzPhone, I went along and spec’ed out my own custom handset.

7 megapixel camera. GPS. Dark red, double power battery. What an enlightening and exciting experience that was.

Alas, at just shy of $700 dollars I did balk.

But I’ve done my blogger duty to you, dear reader. I’ve just ordered one via the rather rickety zzzPhone ordering process. Dell, it ain’t. However it’s PayPal enabled which gave me a lot security.

Instead of the 700-dollar-mamma that I was going to order, I went ahead and bought the bog-standard 149 dollar one. I also paid for express delivery.

The arse? It’s used my PayPal address for the delivery address. Bit annoying that; since I’m in San Francisco at the moment and not London. Still, I got the confirmation email from them. I’ll keep you updated…

By Ewan

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Oh this is fascinating. If this thing’s any good it would be fantastic to be able finally to spec what you need (well, want) in a smartphone. I’ve only had my N95 8GB for 3 days, but already I’m thinking that if the slider and D-pad give up the ghost I could order a zzzPhone – but I’d need it to do 3G. Keep us posted Ewan…

Is the name a play on the eeepc?

And what is a ‘second front facing camera’?

And where’s the WiFi?

Who’s behind it and is it really built to order, or do they have a bunch of each variation. Hmmmmm. On second thought, that would be about a zillion models, so must be custom. Nice.

It might have arrived… I missed the postman the other day when he arrived with a package so I will pop down to the post office and check shortly

Ordered Feb. 17, 2008 with 7mp camera and larger memory but after two months still no delivery. I requested my money back last week, no answer from them so i take it i have lost USD 354 on a scam.
Let this be a warning to you.

I had ordered my phone around early March… got it… it is the BIGGEST piece of shit in the world. I paid 5 Megapixel, they sent 1.3, no WIFI, they have a legal battle with SKYPE, no LED light, the battery once inserted does not come out. I paid approx 350 as well. I have requested my money back as well from PAYPAL…

p.s. checkout their website. They have an add on feature of gold plating and 14KT diamonds for $225,000. Way to make the website look more legit.

I too had ordered a phone since February and had not received anything. I have prove through my gmail and paypal that this is a scam. Buyers beware and spread the word so others won’t be fool to order one.

I like how the comments were all removed. Nice one. Buying scam watch out. I purchased an order from Feb and still haven't received it yet. I have paypal and gmails to prove that they were leading me on for the last couple of months. When I asked about the refund policy, no one reply back to my email. I am reporting this to the Better Business Bureau as they have an office at Vegas. Anyone who ordered and never received their product, please join me to report this scam….their address is at below:


Same exact issue. . . they lead you into believing you will eventually get what you want. I'm logging a complaint.

Same exact issue. . . they lead you into believing you will eventually get what you want. I'm logging a complaint.

Same exact issue. . . they lead you into believing you will eventually get what you want. I'm logging a complaint.

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