Kodak Shrinks Cameraphone Sensors, Increases Performance

Kodak, who hasn’t exactly gotten into the cameraphone scene just yet (unless I’m mistaken) has announced a new image sensor that’s smaller than current ones and also offers better performance in low-light situations. The 1.4 micron sized KAC-05020 goes up to 5 megapixels and uses an entirely new technology to better capture light by including clear pixels with the standard red, blue, and green ones.

The new sensor also supports video capture at 30 fps and 720p resolution, which will catapult cameraphones into a whole new arena. When paired up with the TI OMAP processor, the new sensor will also support features normally found in standalone digital cameras, such as digital image stabilization, red-eye reduction, and facial recognition.

Motorola has been rumored in the past to be working on a cameraphone with Kodak, which is also interesting, as Motorola is now looking to unload its mobile handset division.

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