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I’ve added a new category today — FreeText — I’m going to try and document as many services as I can find that have implemented ‘Freetext’ services. If you spot any (or, if indeed, you’re a provider of such services) could you mail me so I can add them?

With FreeText, the user doesn’t pay for sending text messages to a particular shortcode. This is critical for a lot of services that rely on encouraging user input.

The first company to document (after yesterday’s feature) is OnePoint Surveys. Their survey-in-a-box service runs on a FreeText shortcode — a really smart idea, because if I want people to take a survey by text, I don’t want them being put off by having to use up some of their inclusive texts.

If you haven’t checked out OnePoint, I strongly suggest you do. I took one of their trial surveys and found it a) really enjoyable and b) extremely well implemented. It’s turn key — and you can get it, Pay As You Go, from £2.50/respondent (or £1.25/each for 5,000).

For enquiries, talk to the always well dressed Neil Jessop, CEO, on +44 870 414 2625.

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