Rachel Bilson hired for ‘Jumper’ role by text

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Director of new sci-fi movie, Jumper, Doug Liman, didn’t bother phoning Hollywood kitten, Rachel Bilson, when he wanted to hire her. No. Instead he sent her a text. Right on.

The Times of India reports the following:

She says, ‘I was at my cousin’s wedding in Tennessee and I got a text message. I guess it’s the new way to cast someone in a movie — the director just text messages you. It’s not bad, I wouldn’t mind if it happened more often. Doug sent me a text message and asked me what I was doing. I went, ‘Literally, right now?

I’m at my cousin’s wedding.’ And he messaged, ‘Well, what are you doing this autumn? Are you gonna come be in my movie?’ I was like, ‘I’m going to have to talk to some people about that. Hopefully it will work out.’ And it did.”

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