ZzzPhone, The Dell of Cellphones

I honestly can’t tell if this is a joke or not, so I’m going to post it and let you decide. Emerging recently is the ZzzPhone company, which (kind of) offers a Dell-like custom ordering process for cellphones. Currently the only model available is the ‘ZzzPhone’ which, by default at $149, comes with a regular T9 keypad, 3″ QVGA touchscreen display and Windows Mobile (or equivalent?). You can completely customize the package, starting with the case color, and adding things such as GPS, stereo speakers, and up to a 7 megapixel camera.

I put together quite a healthy-featured ZzzPhone for US$449, which isn’t bad, but I have to call shenanigans on this whole deal. ZzzPhone claims to be an American-based company with a plant in China that’s using the same materials as the big boys do, for a fraction of the price. Phones are tri-band GSM (850/1800/1900MHz) and thus ‘might’ not work in Europe.

Anyone got $150 they don’t mind losing to actually order one of these, just to see? I wonder if I could get a review unit….

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“Anyone got $150 they don’t mind loosing to actually order one of these…” Loosing? LOOSING? Sorry that is grammatically incorrect.

It’s “losing” loser not “loosing” !!!

What’s wrong with a phone that can be custom built? It’s been done with PC’s and lately laptops, so why not other electrical hardware?

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