Nokia E61 just ‘stops’ working with mobile data

Has anyone experienced this situation? A reader emailed me telling me that his Nokia E61 just stopped working with mobile data recently.

Completely stopped.

The phone works fine, mobile data is screwed. He can’t get anything working at all.

He phoned T-Mobile UK (oh dear) and the polite people on the end of the phone explained that he had his mobile data settings configured incorrectly.

Absolute tosh, he did nothing to the device and the settings are all there, fine and dandy.

The device just won’t connect to mobile data services at all.

I had him put the SIM in another (unlocked) handset. Same problem. The device automatically retrieved the T-Mobile internet settings (you know, APN etc) and woosh… no data. No data at all.

Any thoughts?

I reckoned it’s got to be something to do with the sim card and the profile at the network level since he’s getting the same trouble on another unlocked handset.

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2 replies on “Nokia E61 just ‘stops’ working with mobile data”

sounds like someone has been monkeying around with your APN settings at T-Mobile..

Get them to check you are on the correct APN.

Failing that keep posting enough bad shit about them and they may have a “forum intervention team” al la Vodafone who may step in… good luck.


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