Mobile: How do we avoid the same mistakes the Internet guys made?

Heh. You’re not avoiding them. You’re making’em. Big, big, big time. We’re living through the mistakes right now.

Actually, this article is focusing more on mobile advertising and it’s certainly the right question for the ad industry to be asking.

If you’re into mobile advertising, have a read of this. Unfortunately there’s little the marketing industry can do when most of the planet is using rubbish Motorola RAZRs. But. That’s changing. And fast.

Link: Mobile Without Mistakes

“How do we not make the same mistakes the Internet guys made?” is the most common question I get from each of the “newer” media channels, whether it be digital out-of-home media, Internet protocol TV or mobile.

Looking back at my experience as CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau from 2001 to 2006, when the industry grew from $6 billion to $17 billion in online ad spending, it’s clear that success was not easily won. That’s hindsight, of course, for the online ad spending, but it’s opportunity for mobile advertising. No one wants to make the same mistakes, and everyone wants to get there quicker.

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