Replug arrives to safely detach my headphones


Replug launches in the UK this month and I think it’s a smart idea. It’s a small adapter that you use with any audio device — MP3 player, laptop, that sort of thing — and it prevents you from ripping out your headphones or, as I have done repeatedly, slam my laptop on the floor every time I get up and forget I’m wearing headphones.

Even the fancy I-know-when-you-are-going-to-be-stupid hard disk on the Apple Mac doesn’t like it.

So when I heard of Replug, I talked to Jo at their UK PR and asked her to send out one to look at. Here’s the vid of it arriving:

We’ll do some demos and test it out shortly.

How does it work? Well… here’s the science bit:
Using a reilient elastomeric ring that grips between the plug tip of the audio device and the user’s headphones, the adapter enables any audio cable to breakaway from your music player with no damage to the socket.

The one we’ve got is for standard audio devices but they do a version for your iPhone too. Rock up to LBS Accessories for UK supplies or TwistedCarbon for elsewhere. The range starts at around a tenner for your standard one (the one in the vid) plus you can get a special mini-iPhone adapter for just under four quid. Done!

By Ewan

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