The Hop-On $10 Anti-iPhone launches today

The chaps at Hop-On have launched their $10 Anti-iPhone GSM handset.

First off, this is a cheap-as-chips handset. A disposable GSM phone. But it works. 4 hours talk time, 150 hours standby, dual band and it weighs 77 grams. No display.

An iPhone, it ain’t.

But that’s the point, explains Hop-On CEO Peter Michaels, “Though the iPhone is an amazing device, I challenge anyone to make a call faster than with the HOP1800.” Fair point. Heh. He continues, “With the cost of living and roaming fees going though the roof, the HOP1800 is also the perfect iPhone traveling companion. Just buy a local SIM card and you can use the HOP1800 with over 40 domestic wireless carriers.”


The HOP1800 is a study in simplicity. There is no display. A tactile numeric keypad with Braille markings, offers reassuring buttons that touch screen cell phone users are longing for. Being a pre-paid cell phone, no contracts are required so you can be up and talking in seconds. The HOP1800 can be used with over 40 US carriers including AT&T, Cingular and T-Mobile as well as through Hop-On’s own low cost Graffiti Wireless(TM) network.

For a tenner? That’s £5.09. For a GSM handset! Heh.

Look out for them in retail stores and if you’re looking to rebrand them, talk to Peter Michaels.

(They’ve also got a range of more powerful, sexier handsets — check them out).

By Ewan

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9 replies on “The Hop-On $10 Anti-iPhone launches today”

I guess the problem is, how many of your friend's numbers do you know? I can't think of a single number, other than my own, that I would remember in order to use this handset…

@ Simon
That was exactly my first thought. I know my number and I know my mom's cell phone number because she has had the same number for 12+ years. The concept for this product is good, but all I could do is order a pizza in 1998 – 216.524.4444

I think the clue is that it is not a replacement but as the guy say's “a perfect iPhone traveling companion” meaning you refer to your principal device for whatever you need…I am assuming? Bit overly cumbersome in that department for me. Might suit OAP's and suchlike (seriously) who have the numbers written in a book a can call someone when on they go on hols that kinda thing…but what do I know!! In the U.S. could be big but can't see it elsewhere

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