The Polycom Communicator, the Dell Ultralight and the SMS Text News podcast

I tuned into the SMS Text News podcast (number 9) this morning from the Desert Island. Instead of using the Dell Ultralight M1330’s (rather nifty) speakers, I plugged in the Polycom Communicator C100 (it’s USB). It’s a bit of genius. Of course it does voice really well.. I’ve got a post on that coming, but I wanted to check out it’s speaker capabilities.

You’ll be familiar with Polycom from the conference room and the Communicator C100 is a chip off the same block. It’s got HD voice technology — whatever that is, it makes any audio and particularly voice sound full, whole and brilliant. I’m going to do another post on the Communicator — but that’ll be in a few days — so I want to point out that it’s just magic, absolutely magic, for Skype. I used it to speak with Mr Operator yesterday and the Communicator’s full duplex technology handled everything beautifully.

Here’s a vid of the Polycom unit in use with Ben-from-the-podcast’s dulcet tones mixed into a bit of jazz drifting across the waves…

(Filmed, of course, on a Flip!)

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