Unlimited Drinks London: Thanks for coming

It was a brilliant evening tonight at Unlimited Drinks, London.

Thank you all for coming.

I have a huge pile of business cards that I now have to ‘write-up’. It is seriously going to take me ages. But I will get through it and do a few lines on everyone and a link to their site. That’s a photo of the cards as they sit on my desk at the moment.

Standby for that shortly…

By Ewan

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16 replies on “Unlimited Drinks London: Thanks for coming”

A fab night, even for a normob like me ;-), thank you very much for the invite and thank you to everyone who made ir possible!!!! Great to meet you Ewan

Another excellent SMS Text News event!

I don't now why, but there is something really comforting about arriving and being greeted by Ewan staning in the hallway dressed (despite the heat) in his trademark pin stripe suit!

Thank you Ewan (and team) for a superb quality evening of networking.

Hi everyone – yeah I'll go with the consensus that Ewan definitely knows how to throw a bash!! Cheers Ewan!. This is Mark who was dishing out the little battery phone charger gizmos. I hope that everyone that got a charger was happy with it – they certainly seemed to be very well received. Everyone that asked got one and everyone that was accosted did also! Great to meet so many really nice people in one place :)) Please do check out our laptop software! Drop me a line at
Spare chargers…see Ewan :))

I don't want to turn this into a sponsors feedback thread seeing as David has already commented, but Ninetyten had a great time seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I second, third and fourth the comments that Ewan knows how to throw a party. Thanks mate, and thankyou to everyone that went, it was a brilliant night!

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