6600 sliding closer to release

I should probably declare one thing right now. I’m not a fan of the Nokia 6500. I have one and it is neither intuitive or pleasant to use. Its battery life is pathetic and the only thing going for it is its size.

In fact, the only reason I’ve not dropped it into the river is that I’ve got another year on the contract.

So, I’m hoping that its next generation phone, the 6600 Slide will be so much better. After all, its newly released pictures suggest it will be a very sexy phone indeed. Shiny, black, rounded edges, and keys that glow randomly – what more could you ask for?

According to the Nokia site, the mid range phone will have numerous features that, a mere 18 months ago, would have only made their way onto the top of the range models.

Tech Radar has suggested the price may come in at a little under £200 but, in reality, the phone will be available free in a little while. So, it will probably be best to just wait and check the reviews – if it’s the same as the 6500, it will be worth avoiding.

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