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Hello, I’m Samantha, SMS Text News’ recently appointed intern. I’ll be here for seven weeks to bring a genuine voice from the youth of today.

I’m sixteen years old, and I’m currently awaiting my GCSE results. In September I plan to go back to School to further my education at Sixth Form, and complete A Levels in Chemistry, Biology, History and Psychology. However, for my GCSE’s, I chose History, Music, Media Studies and Business Studies, so I like to think I have a good all-round knowledge on a variety of different areas.

My interests mainly revolve around reading, writing, media and mainly politics. I keep my mind busy doing whatever it is that feeds the hunger the lies up there; and through the most part I’ve found doing this is through a combination of activities. Blogging has become one of the most important parts to my life, not because I have nothing else to do, but because it’s a release, and a tool to learn, and I’ve become better in different areas and subjects. I also enjoy spending time out with friends, creating and listening to music, and the like.

A lot of what I write about is based on the woes of being me, and the media. One area of media that I’ve been immersed in is the mobile industry. This has been since the age of eleven; that was when I got my first mobile, and since then, I’ve never gone a day without one.

My mobile was the first way of communication I had; it came before the days I had the internet, and it was considered essential by both my Mum and I for when I started High School. Now though, it’s my mini-organiser (reminding me of everything), my Alarm, my mobile gateway to Twittering, and updating that precious Facebook status. I’ve even gone so far to pretend I’m on o2, just so I can receive mobile updates from Facebook. I’ve spent time on T-Mobile, six/seven years with Virgin Mobile, and currently Blyk; the service I receive from mobile operators is extremely important to me, so I’m more than ready to complain when things go wrong.

I’m here to give you an insight into some of my opinions, views and observations of this fascinating and ever expanding industry. I and many others feel the industry is out of touch, and certainly not capturing the full potential and desires of the consumers of today; and the biggest segment of this consumer market are the teenagers.

I would love to hear any feedback, comments, ideas, or anything really. Feel free to e-mail me at and where possible, I will try to get back to you.

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Where does Ewan find these intelligent teenagers? Most of the teenagers I see in public can barely dress themselves let alone construct a sentence with proper grammar!

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