Skype phone v2, first glimpses

As a journalist I love Skype. Actually, I should more accurately say, as a cheapskate I love Skype.

So, naturally, I’m a little excited about 3’s announcement of its new Skype phone. The company has just leaked the first images and a little bit of spec information.

It’s your standard brick shaped phone (can you tell I’m refusing to acknowledge the candybar term). And stacks up well – it’s 103 x 45 x 14mm and has a a 2.2-inch screen. There’s a reasonable battery and good memory if you buy the 4 gig card.

According to Pocketlint, The S2 wil be offered from free on mix and match monthly tariffs and will cost “under £70,” so presumably £69.99 on a pay as you go basis.

Images can be seen courtesy of Pocket Lint here, here and here

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