US shoppers can’t get enough of RIM, LG

If the latest figures from industry watchers Strategy Analytics (via The Financial Times) are anything to go by, it’s all change in the US market when it comes to mobile handsets. There are two notable big winners: LG, which has leapfrogged Samsung to take the number two spot, and RIM, which has seen its share of the market go over ten percent for the first time, giving it fourth place.

The execs over at RIM must be high-fiving each other right now. Far from the death at the hands of the iPhone predicted by some, it looks like RIM’s decision to move away from its traditional business heartland and into the consumer space has really paid off.

Motorola meanwhile is retaining its traditional first place with around one quarter of US mobile sales. What is it with the US? Do they have some residual fondness for the Razr that the rest of us have long since lost, or do they really actually like the uninspiring line-up Motorola has produced since?

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