Earthscape for iPhone goes Free for a Limited Time

I’m sure you’ll agree with me over the fact that Google Earth is a remarkable software. The ability to virtually find and browse to any point on the earth has been implemented exceptionally well. However, being an iPhone user, I particularly miss Google Earth on the phone, more so for the sheer simplicity that the iPhone can add to it.

It turns out, there exists an app that can take Google Earth’s place until Google rolls up their sleeves. Presenting, Earthscape. Earthscape is an application available for the iPhone that gives you a globe to play around with, much like Google Earth. You can browse using your fingers and zoom using two fingers. The application also has the ability to point to your location on the globe using the iPhone’s location feature. The globe can be viewed in Satellite view, or you can tilt the map to view it ground level. 

The application uses its own set of imagery and hence, is nowhere as advanced as Google’s. If you’re in a city that’s not known for something, expect some non-detailed images. It features the ability to highlight locations with Wikipedia entries and users can add their own photos to the database.

For a limited time, the developers have made the application completely free through iTunes, bringing it down from the usual price of $10. So grab it while you can. It doesn’t get better than this.

[Via TechCrunch]

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