Flirtomatic revenue up 475%; 1 million members

The mobile success story that is Flirtomatic continues, big time.

As CEO Mark discussed in the special report podcast last month, Flirtomatic is going from strength to strength.

In February 2007, they had 225,000 members. Fast forward to today and they’re now at a whopping million members.

This isn’t just good news for the Flirtomatic team, it’s super news for the mobile industry — and the mobile web community in particular. That’s a million users across the UK, Germany and beyond, all logging in and using the service via their mobile browser. The vast majority are normobs — folk walking about with bog standard Sony Ericsson or Samsung handsets — learning to use the mobile web.

Over to Mark Curtis for a comment:

Having more than a million registered users is a fantastic milestone for us. With over half of those users being mobile specific, it demonstrates Flirtomatic’s appeal to users who want social networking wherever they are and will only use services that offer them an innovative and entertaining experience.

We’ll continue to be fresh and develop the service further to attract new users and keep our existing users coming back for more.

Top work, Flirtomatic!

By Ewan

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