Google Maps for Mobile Now Puts you on the Street

The team behind Google Maps for Mobile have just announced a new version of the popular mobile application and brings along a couple of features that certainly add the boost to the application, which arguably the application lacked.

Most of our readers will be familiar with Street View, Google’s Magic technology that sends out little dwarfs out to the corner on a map with handheld cameras so you can view the place in 360 degs as if you were standing right there. Okay, I might have over exaggerated a little, but you get the idea. Street is presently only available in a few places, but it’s an useful addition nonetheless.

If Street View doesn’t excite you, the new version also adds Walking Directions to your phone. Though in beta, the feature gives you foot walking directions. Also, there are minor tweaks along with faster search results.

Both these features are already available on the Desktop version of Google Maps, but this is the firms time they’re being rolled out onto Mobile Phones.

If your phone is compatible, head over to and start playing. I tried the new version on my E90 and I’m quite impressed.

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