Book a hotel room from your iPhone with Haploid’s egroom

I met Antoine Cabot, Chief Executive of Haploid at Mobile Monday Paris last night. He was telling me all about their iPhone applications — there were a ton of iPhone app developers there, come to think of it — and he showed me a demonstration of his new egroom service working.

It’s genius. Indeed it reminds me very much of ShopQwik.

egroom is all about booking hotel rooms. Indeed Antoine is going to be demonstrating this application to a global hotel chain with a view to them providing a version for their customers. Very smart indeed.

It’s only available in French at the moment. Here’s the main screen:

Image 2.png

I love the location feature – you can have the app find hotels ‘near you’ and you can define ‘near’ in terms of km. And of course you can then select the class of hotel.

You get a whole list of possibilities back to browse…

Image 3.png

You can then browse the hotel’s overview:

Image 4.png

And then you can use the iPhone’s glorious interface to book in a few taps.

Image 5.png


Every success Antoine. Keep us updated!

By Ewan

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