SpinVox and me: For the avoidance of doubt

For the avoidance of doubt and given I’ve been going off-on-one about SpinVox for the past few days, I’d like to point a few things out:

1) I was a delighted beneficiary of a SpinVox courtesy account. I *think* I used to pay for it but I’m not entirely sure what happened, when. Other than I stopped being billed. Then when I signed up with Vodafone, James Whatley — transferred the account. I say ‘was’ – I switched it off last week.

2) I know James Whatley, the SpinVox Social Media chap reasonably well. He’s worked for Mobile Industry Review as a contributor and on-camera chap up until about March of this year. We had an agreement that he’d never use his MIR position by publishing upon the virtues of SpinVox. This was rather dramatically put to the test when due to a schedule clash, I found myself filming James Whatley of SpinVox (but reporting for MIR) interviewing Andy Munarizz of HulloMail. You can still see the video interview here. The only mild exception to this policy is when I mercilessly demanded he give us a tour around the SpinVox stand on-camera at Mobile World Congress.

3) I’ve no particular beef of axe to grind with SpinVox except those I’ve voiced.

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