Smaato’s Award Nominees are announced

Is your company in the Smaato Mobile Advertising Award nominees list? I see quite a few I recognise.

Here’s the full list:

4Square Labs, Aaron Cohen Software, Abphone, AccuWeather, Aero Weather, aha mobile, aka-aki, aloqa, AroundMe, Art & Smart, audio Boo, Avantar Showtimes, Avatar Free, Backgrounds, Barnes & Noble, Belysio, Brightkite, Bump, Buzzd, Cascada Mobile, Cell Fun, Celltrigen, Cellution Media, centrl, City Sense, CitySourced, clipintouch, CocoaStuff, cooliris, crashcorp,, DocScanner, Doodle Buddy, Dopplr, Dropbox, eBuddy, eeenmachine, emoze, Epicurious, ESPN Cricinfo, Fandango, Findlinks, Fish Labs, Fliq, flirtomatic, FlyTunes,, Fortune Ball, foursquare, Foxmobile, Frengo, Fring, Funji, funkysexycool, Gap Stylemixer, geome,, golden gecko, gowalla, graffitigeo, groovr, Gypsii, Handango, Handmark Rocket Express, Hands Mobile, Happy Dangy Diggy, hearplanet, Hiogi, iDict, Info2cell, iPhunny, IQ Engines, itsmy, iWood, Jaiku, jamcode, Jiwire, Joikusoft, Joost, Juice Caster, Jumbuck, Kayak, Kiboo, Kyte, Larvalabs,, Layar, Liquid Air Lab, LockBox, Locle, Lonely Planet, Loopt, Lufthansa, Mastercard ATM Hunter, McLaughlin, Meet Moi, Mig33, Mobile Air Mouse, Mobile Life, Mobiluck, Mobiscope, moblr, Moco Space, Mofuse, Moosh, MoTweets, Mover, Mxit, My6sense, mywaves, nachtagenten, NearbyNow, Nimbuzz, Now Then, Nulaz, Open Table, Orbster, pageonce, Palringo, Pandora, Panoramic Software, Peperonity, PhotoShare, Placestodo, Platial, Plusmo, Qeep, Qik,,, Retronyms, RjDj, RSS Lite, Rummble, SAPO, SGN, Shazam, Shopping Places, Shozu, Simple touch software, SixPack App, Slacker Radio, Smarter Agent, smsO2, Smule, Snac, Snaptu, Socialight, soonr, SPB Software, Spiegel, Spotify, Squace, Starbucks, STARS Foundation, Storyz, strands, Streaming live scores,, stylecaster, surfkitchen, TagTag, Taibidiny Media Works, taptu, Tapulous, Tatango, Thumbplay, Tiggits, Tonchidot, Trapster, Treemo,, Tripcase, Truphone, trustedplaces, tweetdeck, twitteriffic, Uclick, Ulocate, unlike networks, Urbanspoon, Veeker, Venista m-Joy, Viigo, Visual Radio, Vlingo, Vringo, vulevu,, Waze, wikitude, Wirenode s.r.o., Wooden Labyrinth 3D, Worldmate, Yelp, Yoose, Yowza, Zagat, Zannel, Zedge,, Zhiing, Zillow, Zyb.

If you’re really, really quick, you can still enter to get nominated here — but you’ve got just a few hours to go now.

5 Responses to Smaato’s Award Nominees are announced

  1. Jeff McLaughlin October 9, 2009 at 10:27 am #

    While I am honored to be the only app nominated by personal name (as far as I can tell), I want to point out that the “McLaughlin” entry should actually be our app DealAtlas ( which is an app and advertising platform. I have pointed this out to Smaato and hopefully they will update their info soon, or I may be the only developer sitting in the booth at MWC peddling, well, myself.

  2. Ewan October 11, 2009 at 5:09 am #

    Good luck Jeff!

  3. Ewan October 11, 2009 at 11:09 am #

    Good luck Jeff!


  1. Neil Robertson - October 9, 2009

    *client* RT @mobileindustry: Smaato's Award Nominees are announced:

  2. Neil Robertson - October 9, 2009

    *client* RT @mobileindustry: Smaato's Award Nominees are announced:

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