Truphone’s targeted marketing on British Airways

I did the online check-in with British Airways earlier today for the flight to Barcelona and was surprised and delighted to see some brilliantly targeted marketing from Truphone. On the same page as the boarding pass is this advertisement:


Very, very smart.

It makes a lot of sense given you can actually purchase on board. The big problems with these kinds of SIM offers is that — when you ACTUALLY want to make use of them, you can’t. You have to get the thing delivered. So you end up roaming as normal.

So if you’re going to Barcelona this weekend, look out for the advertisement from Truphone on your home-printed boarding pass. I understand the advert is live on EasyJet, BMI, British Airways and some short-haul Virgin Atlantic flights.

I think I might well buy a Truphone Local SIM on board tomorrow.

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  1. Lee Walkey May 10, 2013 at 4:16 pm #

    I was just wondering how the big players have teamed up with truphone when there are already far better gsm roaming solutions available out there? Truphone seem great at raising money, but haven’t really delivered a lot yet? If any readers are interested I can show you?

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