The low-cost Android dream takes shape with the Vodafone 845

Despite the burgeoning fragmentation of the platform, the low-cost Android dream (i.e. a smartphone at a very, very accessible price) is continuing apace.

Today, Vodafone UK announce the forthcoming introduction of their Vodafone 845 device, the first Voda-branded Android handset. It’s low cost (no pricing news as yet), it runs on the latest version of Android (Eclair), it’s got a 2.8” screen, offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G/HSDPA connectivity, and features a 3.2MP camera and 500MB of memory as standard.


Here’s Andy from Vodafone’s eForum team introducing the device:

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3 replies on “The low-cost Android dream takes shape with the Vodafone 845”

Any idea what “very very accessible price” equates to in GBP (on PAYG) ?

Is this an Android device that mt teenage daughter can afford – or will she remain attached to her INQ?

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