Video: David Wood riffs on the future of (mobile) technology

In Mobile Developer TV’s episode 148, we talked to David Wood about Mobile World Congress and the trends and themes he was witnessing. After we finished the interview, he had a little bit more time so I grabbed the opportunity to ask David what his top 3 sci-fi movies were. What follows is an absolutely fascinating ‘real-time’ riff from David on where he sees the future going — in terms of technology augmentation — and what to do about the human race becoming far too reliant on technology that may well turn against us. Or that we simply couldn’t do without. The video is below.

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You can find out more about David and his technology consultancy at Get him on Twitter: @dw2

David’s got an equally fascinating event coming up this month called Humanity Plus. The event aims to explore this question:

How will accelerating technological change affect human mental and physical capabilities as well as the environment in which we live?

If you’re at all interested in the next generation of human augmented computing, definitely, definitely check it out: The event is next Saturday (24th April).

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