OpenTable’s mobile app generate $150m for restaurants; seats over 3 million diners

Analog restaurant booking has always been a hellish experience for me. I really can’t stand arsing around having to spell out my name or my telephone number. I also really object to calling at 11am to book a table only to realise that the restaurant ‘isn’t open yet’. Ridiculous.

Which is why when OpenTable came along, I grasped the concept with both hands.

And when they launched a mobile web version, I remember using it at least three or four times a week in San Francisco.

Now that they have their mobile app, the experience of booking over 13,000 restaurants on-the-go is even simpler. It’s not just me who’s appreciating it either. As of today, OpenTable has now seated 3 million diners, generating $150m in revenues for its restaurant partners (based on a $50 bill per diner).

You can get the app for iPhone, Palm, BlackBerry and Android. Though OpenTable haven’t quite got the message about Nokia or Samsung as yet. I hope they do, soon.

Meanwhile users of other platforms can use the to book.

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2 Responses to OpenTable’s mobile app generate $150m for restaurants; seats over 3 million diners

  1. garethjames May 6, 2010 at 9:30 am #

    I can't help but feel that they should be in no rush with the Symbian version. After all, I feel it will take continental Europe a while to get their heads around this concept. After all, isn't it part and parcel of spontaneously deciding to go out for a meal and then picking your desired eatery based on how long the cue is, or is not, for a table? And how would this work with things like Tapas bars? Or that fantastic little pizza place you go to that has been run by the same family for generations? I have mentioned Open Table to some of my friends and with the exception of just one single restaurant in the capital we can't really see the point of this… Yet…

  2. Ewan May 8, 2010 at 10:32 pm #

    I suppose it's mindset, Gareth. I do enjoy the spontaneity of just going to a restaurant, but I regularly want to arrange things with friends and family — and for many of those occasions I want to have the place booked and expecting us. And I want that to happen quickly and easily.

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