It’s the MEFFY’s tonight!

I’m looking forward to the MEFFYs tonight — the MEFFYs, hosted by the Mobile Entertainment Forum — have swiftly become one of the most prestigious ceremonies on the awards calendar, highlighting the best the mobile entertainment industry has to offer. It’s not just about winning awards or being shortlisted though (congratulations to those on the list!), the networking is simply phenomenal.

This evening I’m guest on RIM’s table. I shall be working hard to avoid anyone seeing my scuffed and well used 9700. (Having bought the phone about a month ago, I spent a whole day in Marlow dropping the phone on the pavement — literally 24 hours worth of ‘butterfingers’. I don’t know what was wrong with me. I really should have got a cover for it.)

I’m working too, though. Indeed I have explained to RIM that I might have to dash off now and again — for I am filming! Oh yes. Thanks to the gracious support of MEFFY’s sponsor, Symbian, We’ve arranged for me to be located in the green room. When the award winners leave the stage after collecting their awards, they will be ushered into the green room where I shall interview them on camera.

So even if you’re not going to the awards (a mistake, if you’re based in London or nearby Europe), you’ll be able to experience the excitement of the winners. They will be channelling it through the camera to you.

If you’re going tonight, look out for me and do say hi.

Kudos to the event’s other sponsors: Dolby, Buongiorno, Symbian, 7Digital, MTS, QuickPlay Media and Vodafone.

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