Picked up a Streak yet?

Have any readers decided to opt for the 25/month Dell Streak Android device from o2?

I must say I am tempted. So much so I’ve purposefully avoided walking by any o2 stores in case I trip up and find myself with yet another account. Don’t tell anyone — but I’ve got a dormant 12/month account that I used for a BlackBerry on o2 ages ago. It’s crying out for an upgrade. It’s burning a hole in my mobile pocket. What do you think? Should I give in?

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By Ewan

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10 replies on “Picked up a Streak yet?”

Ewan if you get one and like it, I'll get one, I am very tempted but need a bit of convincing from good sources ie you!!

It looks nice, but it bothers me that it's still on Android 1.6. Surely that means the old Google Maps (minus navigation) and other now outdated features. I think I'll hang on and see what Android tablets emerge to rival the iPad…

Sorry 🙂 I'm sure it'll get an upgrade, but as Hero owners will attest, that seems to happen in the individual vendor's own good time, if at all. When I commit to my next Android device (no, I still can't see the next investment being anything by Nokia…) I want it to be on the cutting edge – at least for three or four months.

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