On the road again: 3UK is rocking my world

Fresh from Barcelona, it was nice to be back in the heavily connected HSPA+ (or is that HSPDA+?) United Kingdom for a few days. Alas now I’m off to Paris.

Which means I’m doing about 120mph+ on the Eurostar right now. I’m in the United Kingdom at the moment (barely — the Channel Tunnel is heading this way quickly) and I’m MiFiying like no tomorrow.

I’m thoroughly delighted to say that although I was seriously unhappy with 3UK last week (ONE POUND TWENTY-EIGHT A FLIPPING MEGABYTE? SERIOUSLY? HUGH? COME ON!), I’m very pleased with the 3UK data service via my MiFi in the UK.

The fact it can still deliver whilst I’m zipping through the countryside is a testament to the 3UK network chaps. Love it.

Pick up one for £49 (plus a tenner top up) from any 3UK store on PAYG.

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  • Shaun McGill

    I have just got released from my iPhone 4 contract with Vodafone due to coverage issues and asked for my iPhone to be unlocked. Apparently they are unlocked anyway even if bought on contract (mine was).

    Anyway, 3 for mobile broadband has been superb so I tried the SIM only plans- 4-5 bars everywhere and super fast 3G. Can’t complain.

  • Good feedback Shaun!

  • Good feedback Shaun!

  • Ian, my problem is that I’m never *near* an Orange.fr shop! I think that would definitely be the way though.

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