The Future of Screen Technology – The Astonishing Tribe

A rather stimulating video from The Astonishing Tribe. I picked it up from this equally stimulating VentureBeat interview with TAT co-founder, Hampus Jakobsson.

The video shows how screen technology might someday be implemented in our daily lives. I particularly like the bit where the girl is checking her calendar on the mirror in the bathroom whilst doing her teeth.

Have a watch:

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  • Mike42

    …and w00t!- INQ gets the one and only plug as a forward-thinking mobile vendor!

  • Well deserved!

  • good to see they’ve invented a time machine to restore Henrik Larssen to his pomp 🙂

  • yes I was particularly impressed at that one. Sweden winning the World Cup?

  • you’ve got to love the optimists 🙂

  • Ah… I really like this concept. Seems like I don’t get tired of watching it either. TAT did a great job with the discussion that led to suggestions and production – unfortunately, there are very little ads and overt branding, that is something that our near future would seem to have a ton of.

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