Uplinq: Full video of Stephen Elop’s keynote presentation

Kudos to Rafe Blandford over at All About Symbian who wrote-up what looks like the whole of Stephen Elop’s keynote at Qualcomm’s Uplinq event recently. He also embedded the video of Stephen’s presentation — I totally forgot Qualcomm had made it available.

I do thoroughly recommend taking a bit of time out and watching this one, particularly — PARTICULARLY — the part where he gets to the ecosystem question.

Note first that RIM — one of the world’s top smartphone producers is totally wiped from reality in the Nokia ecosystem viewpoint. And second, watch how the company represents the ecosystems — Apple is a closed box, whilst Android is an open box, but with lids that could easily close. It’s a fantastic analogy and I think it was this point that I sensed a change in the braying masses.

“Nokia’s dead,” was the refrain I heard muttered around me as I sat in the Uplinq audience. The place was thronging with Android developers and supporters.

“He’s got a point,” said one chap behind me.

“Yeah, fragmentation is killing us on Android,” said another.

There were a lot of quietly nodding heads throughout the thousands watching this presentation.

I strongly encourage you to get a cup of coffee and watch this to see what you think.

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