Thousands queue for RIM’s Bold 9790 in Jakarta

Thousands of people in Jakarta, Indonesia, clearly haven’t got the BlackBerry-is-dead memo. I think I’m still right in saying that BlackBerry is still the #1 selling smartphone in the UK, along with dozens of other territories. Arguments like, “Yeah but it’s students buying them,” or “No, but” or “Yes but” don’t count.

In many countries, RIM’s “touch and type” offer is going down a storm — as the crowds in Jakarta today attest. I strongly recommend reading this post from The Associated Press to find out all about the excitement for RIM’s latest device, the Bold 9790.

Just look at the people queuing! Apparently well over 3,000 queued to buy — and the first lucky 1,000 got the device at 50% of the standard $540 price. Good deal. No wonder the riot police had to be deployed.

In fairness to the other brands out there, I’m sure 3,000 folk would turn up for a half price iPhone or Android device at launch. Still, nice work RIM!

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