Hands up who’d buy an Apple HDTV?

Noah over at Technobuffalo is, I think, going to be buying one of these rumoured beauties. Me too. I’ll have one for each room in the house. And I’m only sort-of-joking. Especially if they’re touch-enabled or if they will function as massive picture walls when they’re not being used.

Jonathan Ive is rumored to have an Apple-branded HDTV hanging out in his office. According to a USA Today source who worked at Apple, Apple’s head of design is sitting on a 50-inch iTV that is likely to hit the market later this year.

via Rumor: Jonathan Ive Has a 50-inch Apple HDTV in His Office | TechnoBuffalo.

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  • Because they stick undisguised prototypes on office walls now…? Smells fishy.

  • Two please

  • Oh yeah… me too. Or even just a new iTV but the story sounds off.

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