Season 2 of the 361 Degrees podcast — Episode 5


S02 E05 – Handset Insurance – Saviour or Swindle? (mp3)

[ Direct MP3 download – 29MB]

After a series of handset losses and breakages Ewan’s been exercising his network operator-supplied handset insurance… something he’d forgotten he’d signed-up for. But do these policies offer good value for money and how should you choose who to buy from? 

The team discuss:

  • Why we do (and don’t) buy handset insurance (and a few war stories).
  • The difference between network operator-provided insurance, independent providers and other types of policies.
  • What we want (and value) from our network operators.

Please let us have your opinions on the current legal wranglings over patents going on across the mobile industry – we love to hear them in advance of our episode on the subject.

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