LBF Digital Minds conference: Get the early bird discount!

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Are you coming to the LBF Digital Minds Conference in April? I’m very much looking forward to it. I missed it last year but I’m aiming to try and be there properly this time.

I’ll definitely be at LBF (“London Book Fair”) for most of the week to see what’s moving in the world of content — I’ve a suspicion that we’re going to see a number of interesting announcements over the next few weeks that will make attending a must for many in the mobile sphere.

I’ve already said too much…….


Now then. The Digital Minds conference details are here. There’s a cost — £399+VAT — however if you get a ticket before Friday (or, theoretically, before midnight on the 24th) you will get £50 off the ticket price.

I’ll hopefully see you there!

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  • Digital Minds

    good i got to know a lot….
    very helpful….Thanks!!!!

  • Digital Minds

    Gr8…very informative.
    looking fwd for more updates.Thanks!!!!!!

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