Thanks to Sky News for inviting me on to discuss the ‘new’ iPad

Thank you to the team at Sky News for inviting me on to the Jeff Randall Live show this evening to discuss the ‘new iPad’ from Apple. It was a super opportunity to talk about the company’s latest launch, even though, as I spoke with Martin Stanford, the keynote had only just finished.

I remember Martin asked if there was much point in upgrading to the iPad 3. Based on the specs announced today, I reckoned it wasn’t a super-necessary upgrade for most. However I made the case for the geeks by highlighting that iPads are more-or-less fashion items. That’s not to diminish their value or credibility as business tools — the line between accessory and tool has seriously blurred to the point that in many cases, if you’re a geek or if you’re working in technology, arriving at a meeting with an out-of-date iPad is simply unacceptable.

The moment you see the ‘new iPad’ for general sale in the UK, I reckon you’ve got 3-6 months to upgrade before you will be painted as a luddite in the enterprise world.

For the majority though, iPad 1 is still going strong and is still totally perfect for use on the sofa.

More on this soon though. I just wanted to thank Sky News. Thanks also to Belinda from LadyGeek for recommending me!

Now then if you’d like to see the piece, it’s live on the Sky News site here.

By Ewan

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