• AndersOlesen

    Personnally I don’t pirate stuff, but it amazes me that it is not obvious to all the content owners of the world that forcing people to jump through hoops like this tempts more people to ‘the dark side’.
    On a related note, having recently moved here from Denmark I now happily pay for Netflix but am not able to watch it on either of my phones (win7 & iPhone), because the Netflix app is not available in the Danish marketplaces my phones are tied to. Sigh.

  • http://www.mobileindustryreview.com Ewan

    It’s all about making things easier and accessible. Sadly most rights holders don’t quite get that…

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  • Pedro

    I normally buy an American gift credit card, visa or mastercard have several on the market, which just work like a normal card – though you need to provide at least a zip code (I’m a 90210 generation so that is it for me!)

  • http://www.mobileindustryreview.com Ewan

    that’s a nice way too!

  • 3Z

    Great and fast service from Jerry Cards, would recommend!

  • http://www.mobileindustryreview.com Ewan

    good feedback!

  • NikkyStar

    $10 for almost $15? No thank you

  • http://www.mobileindustryreview.com Ewan

    The ratio gets lower the higher your purchase. But yeah … Just use your own card if it’s too expensive. —
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  • net logistics inc

    I agree you have to try 4saleusa this is the most Denmark iTunes movie lovers around, cheap fast and Legit from 2004. Except itunes they have VUDU movie for $1.99 rental and HULU PLUS subscription gift cards. or check dibuu auctions.

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