TextMe turns your iPod Touch into a phone

Very, very interesting move this.

If you live your life in-and-around WiFi you wouldn’t need a mobile operator…

Given the chance, you would probably turn your iPod Touch into a fully working iPhone, right? TextMe is launching in the U.S. today with an app that will get you close to that dream.

“The real vision is to deliver a full feature communication set to any connected device,” said TextMe co-founder Christophe Bach.

Bach explained that right now, people who want free communications on their Internet connected device will generally turn to Pinger for text, Tango for video, and Skype for calling. TextMe, put all three of those together in today’s release.

via TextMe turns your iPod into a phone with today’s launch (exclusive) | VentureBeat.

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  1. tmgMobileProd May 24, 2012 at 9:47 am #

    I used to work at Truphone where we were claiming to turn the iPod Touch into a phone since 2009. The nature of iOS background/multitasking meant that the service was only useful for outgoing calls unless you kept the screen awake, the App open and remained still.

    Will be interesting to see if new services in the space will overcome those obstacles, or turn to Skype for the simular features. 

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