Amazon’s planning to launch same-day delivery: Fantastic!

I caught this in a Netimperative story today:

Amazon is planning on offering a premium ‘same day delivery’ option for its US customers, in a move that could put further pressures on ecommerce firms and high street retailers alike.

via Netimperative | News | Today’s top stories.

It’s super news. I hope they bring this to the UK shortly. I heavily rely (and value) Amazon’s superb logistics capabilities — and reward them with a huge amount of business. As a family we’re spending next to zero in the ‘high street’ (or online). Most of our expenditure from shavers to baby stuff goes through Amazon Prime.

And from a mobile standpoint, I reckon around 80-90% of our transactions originate and complete fully via Amazon’s mobile application.

Add in the convenience of being able to choose same day delivery and I think I’ll be on Cloud 9.

By Ewan

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4 replies on “Amazon’s planning to launch same-day delivery: Fantastic!”

In a big city, using bike couriers, super. Otherwise it’s inefficient logistics writ large…

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