Parenting 2.0 chore management: No WiFI access ’til you’ve walked the dog

I came across this photo from Onur Cengiz shared by Techcrunch’s Mike Butcher on Facebook this afternoon.

So far it’s had almost 500 shares. I think it’s striking a chord with a lot of parents…

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  • rodakk

    I’d just grab an ethernet cable…

  • Ewan

    For your iPad? ;-)

  • rodakk

    Goddamn it, you got me ;-) But! I still have a netbook laying around, so… But, there’s that goddamn MAC filtering and I bet that if he’s clever enough to change Wi-Fi password, he could’ve also do that.

  • rodakk

    Ahhh, the joys of being a home network admin…

  • Ewan

    Heh! Well if it can’t get on the WiFi…

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