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Your advice: Is it time to sell my iPhone 4S 64GB (in readiness for the ‘new’ iPhone?)

Is it time for me to sell my iPhone 4S 16GB now before the iPhone furore starts whilst it’s still got it’s value? Obviously iPhones still retain a good second-hand resale value, but that’s going to degrade with arrival of the 5, right?

I popped on to Envirofone today to see how much they’d give me for the current model. The answer? £325. Not too shabby.

I’ve probably got about £1,000 back from Envirofone by sending them a load of phones (and iPads) that I just don’t need. They’re terrifically reliable and quick at paying too.

Since Three are so bloody awful at managing what I actually want, I need to do the whole equipment upgrade nonsense myself. I shouldn’t have to. I should be able to tell them to get me the new iPhone when it arrives. But no. I have do manage all the stupid logistics.

So is now the right time, do you think?

Or do you reckon I should wait until the ‘new’ iPhone has actually arrived? I wonder how much this will knock down the resale value? £50 or £100 perhaps? What’s your view?

By Ewan

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15 replies on “Your advice: Is it time to sell my iPhone 4S 64GB (in readiness for the ‘new’ iPhone?)”

My guess…the purportedly larger form factor for the next iPhone iteration will have a greater impact in terms of price depreciation to incumbent models that past successors. Bottom line…dump it now. Besides, you’ll also have the advantage of comparing the new iPhone 5 to the WP8 flagships, since the Apple announcement follows Nokia’s.

Did a similar thing last year with my 4 to 4S, had the 4S on pre-order and recycled the 4 same day the new one arrived, IIRC the price didn’t change until the 4S had been out at least a month. I think their prices are more on supply/demand than whats in retail. Would be interesting to knock up a script to chart the price for the next 90 days.

Also worth noting that most of these sites give you a 14day hold on the price once you’ve signed up so you can always keep doing that and then hang onto the phone till the price drops, although at a certain point it becomes more a time sink than its worth for the odd £20

Ah well it’s locked to 3 — which has been irrelevant for me in the context of envirofone but might put a spanner in the works selling it to you/others. 325 is what I was planning on selling it to Envirofone for.

I’m with 3. I’m planning on recycling my Galaxy S2 [which is off for 4th repair] I have the bag ready! which I can get £202, from ‘cash4phones’. Maybe we could DM via twitter?

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