Day 2 of the Contactless Challenge: Success, finally in Marks & Spencer #GemaltoNFC

I wanted to bring you up to date with yesterday’s contactless shenanigans.

It was quite a stressful day. I had to really work hard to get the contactless to work in Marks & Spencer in the morning. I managed to successfully buy some postcards and then a load of goodies for the team in Richmond.

Here I am discussing the experience:

I was a little alarmed by the problems I experienced — if you remember I had a similar problem at the end of the first day with the Marks & Spencer express store by the station in Richmond.

Still, I eventually got things working.

But true disaster struck once again when I was in Waterloo station at about 23:40 at the end of the evening. I noticed that the WH Smiths offered contactless payments on their self-service machines so I rushed in, grabbed a vitamin water then tried to pay. Nothing happened when I swiped though. Nothing AT ALL. Dear me. It was incredibly frustrating. I ended up bringing out my Barclaycard contactless credit card and paying that way 😐

Here I am narrating that experience:

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