A quick update on The Cloud and WorldPay

You know I’ve been focusing on The Cloud and WorldPay this week? I thought I’d update you.

I had a note from WorldPay’s PR asking if I’d like to connect with their Chief Product Officer to understand more about their plans (in respect to mobile). I readily agreed. I’ve two simple open-ended questions for the company, namely:

1. What happened with The Cloud? My experience is, I feel, rather unfortunate. There must be ramifications in terms of The Cloud’s transaction volume? Or am I an exception?

2. What plans have you got for mobile? Will there be a time when I can more-or-less point-and-click to deliver a WorldPay transaction on mobile? I don’t mind typing in credit card details — but surely the bare minimum would suffice (name, postcode, card number, expiry, 3-digits, job done)?

I think that’s it. It’ll be good to chat to them if diaries will allow. If not I’ll readily aim to put the questions to their spokesman via email so we can get a reply up here on MIR.

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  1. Andy June 28, 2013 at 5:40 pm #

    so were u able to meet them?Eager to know their mobile strategy?

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