Get the BlackBerry Q10 at Selfridges this weekend


News just in from the Carphone Warehouse team: You can be amongst the first in the UK with a BlackBerry Q10 if you head over to the company’s concession in Selfridges, London, this weekend. The device itself will cost you £579.95 sim-free from them. Or you can reduce that dramatically with a contract (the phone is free from £36 per month).

I have been waiting for the Q10 to arrive for ages. For absolute ages. I am particularly excited now that it’s almost here. I’ve had hands-on briefly with the phone quite often across the past few months and I have to say it did feel brilliant in the hand.

I think I fundamentally am a keyboard guy. Some of the innovations on the Q10, particularly the ability to type the first few letters of someone’s name from the home screen and then rattle off an email to them immediately. Love it.

Read more about the Q10 over at the official BlackBerry product page.

What about you? What’s your interest level in a newly updated BlackBerry with a physical keyboard?

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  1. fastundia April 26, 2013 at 2:59 pm #

    I’m getting a Q10 for the keyboard. Based on playing with a Z10 I expect the Q will be great. Also considering pairing with a playbook. I left Blackberry 2 years ago because OS6/7 had such a poor browser. My Android keyboards are sooo slow compared to touch-typing on a Blackberry so looking forward to that physical feel again.

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